Blackpool Victoria Hospital worst in country for A&E 4 hour target

Patients and staff are currently experiencing the worst NHS winter crisis on record and now newly released figures show Blackpool Victoria Hospital is now the worst in the country for hitting its four-hour waiting time for A&E patients.

So far, this winter over 75,000 patients have waited in the back of ambulances for over 30 minutes, bed occupancy has averaged at a staggering 93.5% and there have been 150 diverts from A&E departments in England.

Chris said, “Paul Maynard MP and his Tory Government failed to allocate sufficient winter funding to tackle the expected spike in demand during the coldest period of the year.

This winter crisis was both predictable and preventable.

Our hard working, amazing NHS staff are doing all they can but are continually being let down. 

After 8 years of chronic underfunding, we’ve lost over 14,000 beds in our NHS, district nursing has been cut in our communities and we have 1,000 less GPs than last year.  

Cuts to community health provision and to social care are having a direct impact to the overcrowding in Victoria Hospital and so many hospitals across our country. 

"This Government must get an urgent grip of this escalating crisis and give the resources Victoria Hospital and our NHS so desperately need."