Chris introduces Jeremy to his old High School


At this years regional conference Chris arranged for students from his old high school, St Mary’s Academy, to meet with Jeremy Corbyn during his visit to Blackpool.



Over 30 students, aged 16-18 years old came to the Hilton Hotel during Labour’s regional conference and met with Jeremy privately after his speech to conference. Jeremy took questions from the students and listened to their views. The students also had the opportunity to tell Jeremy what they would like to see him do for young people as Labour Leader.  


Chris said, “I was delighted Jeremy agreed to meet with local students from my old high school and have a chat about issues that matter to them. The students were really excited to meet him and Jeremy kindly took selfies with all of them. The students even made it onto his famous SnapChat channel, with thousands of young people watch every day.”

Stephen Conway, St Marys politics teacher said, “The students found Jeremy’s speech inspiring. It was wonderful to see him engaging with our students. They were all utterly delighted to meet him and we thank Chris for organising this.”