Figures show we need more police

Figures show we need more police


Government cuts to policing are putting the safety of Blackpool residents’ at risk and the stats speak for themselves.


Since 2010, 799 police officers have been cut from Lancashire constabulary and across the country the number of bobbies on the beat has fallen to its lowest level for 30 years. 


This is at a time when the latest crime statistics show a 15% increase in violent crime locally, including gun and knife crime, and the highest rise in recorded crime for a decade. 


The Tories promised voters they would protect frontline policing, yet the Gazette’s own report shows the police are only able to solve fewer than one in 20 burglaries and robberies in our town. 


The reality is that after nearly 8 years of austerity our police force is underfunded, police numbers have been slashed and it’s getting harder for the police to keep out streets safe. 


We need to hire 10,000 extra officers now to prioritise neighbourhood policing and bear down on crime and its causes.