Five major pledges to support the forces and their families

For so many of our armed forces, our veterans and their families who have given and still give so much to us, they are not getting the support they deserve.

Service men and women have faced pay cuts, service accommodation left in disrepair, and are worried their children are left without the support that they need.

If elected as your MP, these are five major pledges I will vote for to support the forces and their families:


💷 Fair Pay – scrap the public sector pay cap, which has seen a 5.8% real terms pay cut for the starting salary of an Army Private


🏡 Decent housing for forces and their families – end the growing reliance on the private rented sector


🗣 A voice for service men and women – consult on creating a representative body, similar to the Police Federation


End privatisation – root and branch review of outsourcing and a clear presumption in favour of public delivery of public contracts


👪 Support for forces children – better access to schools with dedicated local authorities admissions strategy for the particular challenge of frequent school moves