Green Industrial Revolution

My vision is to see Blackpool as Britain’s first carbon-neutral town.

Reaping the rewards of cheaper energy that eliminates energy poverty.

I want to see us become a UK hub for building and selling green tech - to a huge global growing market.


Creating thousands of new high-quality jobs in renewables industries, making our town a place that attracts bright talent from across the UK and keeps local talent too.

We’ll lead on a multi-billion pound programme to tackle the North-South economic divide once and for all.

I want to see the Fylde Coast become the first ever Green Zone for renewable energy production.

Imagine how transformational we can become reaping those rewards.

It will take concerted action and bold thinking to ensure that these potential benefits are both realised and widely shared amongst local people. 

I firmly believe by ending our reliance on finite resources, by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy resources,

We will create an opportunity to fundamentally change our local economy for future generations.

We can eliminate energy poverty for thousands in our town. And play our part in tackling global warming. 

As one leading commentator Bill McKibben in the Rolling Stone put it,

“Winning slowly on climate change is the same as losing it.”