A halt to Fracking is just an pre-election headline grab

Chris Webb, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool North and Cleveleys consents after the announcement the government is banning Fracking:

“We must expose this for what it is, a temporary halt to fracking to get a pre-election headline grab. 


“When the Tory government overruled local democratic decisions to halt fracking, we did not give up. And now they have forced the government to U-turn in their support for a dirty industry once described by Boris Johnson as ‘glorious news for humanity.’


“It is over eight years since fracking caused earthquakes locally. The Tories owe local residents an apology, and an explanation of how much public money they wasted while ignoring the science.


“The next Labour government will ban fracking – whereas the Tories will only call a temporary halt to it. You can’t trust a word the Prime Minister says.”