Homelessness in Blackpool increases by 200 per cent since 2010

My article in the Blackpool Gazette on 19th February 2019 

Rough sleeping in Blackpool has increased 200% since 2010. And across the North West rough sleeping has increased 328%.


These new figures are deeply disturbing, and reveal the damage caused by years of austerity to families and communities in Blackpool and across the North West.


When speaking to the homeless community in Blackpool just this week they told me their awful stories. Many forced to the streets because of debt, addition, mental illness or abuse. 


This is a national emergency and the Government needs to take immediate action. 


I will fight to guarantee emergency accommodation for every rough sleeper in this cold weather and work with a future Labour Government to ensure 8,000 homes are available to keep those who have slept rough off the streets for good.