My commitments to you

Blackpool and Cleveleys have been left behind by this vicious Tory government. I'm putting our community first - and I always will.

I’m Blackpool born and bred.

I was born in Victoria hospital to a local Postman and corner shop assistant. I attended Christ The King nursery, Layton School and St Mary’s High and 6th form before going in University in Hull.

Since the age of 12 I’ve worked right across Blackpool & Cleveleys; my first job being a Gazette paper boy in Layton and Grange Park. Followed by working on the seafront and in various café’s, restaurants, pubs and offices. I also worked for the DWP at Warbreck House working with the most vulnerable in society to help them get the vital support they need.

I care passionately about our town and it’s heart-breaking to see the damage the Tories have done these last 7 years and Paul Maynard’s fingerprints are all over it.

  • Local schools are on the brink of devastating cuts totally £5.8million. That’s 155 teachers gone.
  • Our local NHS on the verge of collapse with waiting times doubling and an everyday struggle to see our GPs
  • Older people facing huge cuts to their pensions and making the choice between heating and eating.
  • Over 1,300 local police and staff gone with on-the-beat policing basically extinct.
  • And over 5,400 local children living in poverty right now because Tory MPs refused to do anything about it.


This cant’ go on and local people are crying out for change.

If you elect me as your Member of Parliament, I will always put local people first. 


I will be an active and hardworking MP who will:

  • Fight for a fairer deal for local people and secure the resources our Police, NHS and Social Care providers desperately need.
  • Stand up for the disabled and hard-pressed families who are bearing the brunt of these savage Tory cuts and fight for a £10 minimum wage.
  • Champion older people and protect their pensions, winter fuel allowances and free bus passes.
  • Secure more local skilled jobs. Ensure real opportunities for young people and lead the charge for more investment in our local schools, not less.
  • And campaign tirelessly to eliminate child poverty, to ensure no child goes hungry and gets the best start in life.


I promise to you today to be a visible and accessible MP to all. I will have an office in the heart of the community. Not hidden away from the public.

Representing my home town would be an amazing honour.

On June 8th I hope you will consider casting your vote for me and vote for change.