Conservative Government cuts have decimated our police force and left our area vulnerable.


  • Conservatives cuts have cost us 750 Lancashire Police 
  • Local Tory MP Paul Maynard just voted for another £3m of cuts for 2018/19 on top of almost £100m
  • Recorded crime has increased 35% locally, with robbery up 16%, violence up 68% and public disorder up 228%.
  • Police chiefs warn that by 2020 Lancashire Constabulary may no longer be viable
  • Only Labour will properly reverse brutal Tory cuts and give our Police the funding they need to keep our cars, homes and streets safe

It’s time to tell Paul Maynard and Boris Johnson that enough is enough. We want to go to sleep at night knowing our cars, homes and streets safe. A properly funded Lancashire Police force is the only way that can happen.

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