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Former MP backs Chris Webb

Updated: Feb 5

Gordon Marsden, Labour's MP for Blackpool 1997-2019 backs Chris Webb to be the next MP for Blackpool South.

Chris has the deep roots, experience and local knowledge that the town desperately needs now, which is why I'm supporting his campaign to be Blackpool South's next MP.
I've known Chris for over 20 years. He's grown into a formidable organiser, champion and campaigner across the town - with a record of working tirelessly for a range of charities, disadvantaged groups and the third sector.

He puts in real physical as well as mental effort - with his week-by-week foodbank deliveries and charity work and challenges - such as raising thousands for the Royal British Legion in the London Marathon last year.
His work as Lancashire's Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner - going out on the beat with the police, reaching out to vulnerable groups and combatting anti-social behaviour - was transformational, giving him a deep understanding of how to lead and bring together communities in Blackpool.
Chris's record shows that he has all the right qualities to offer hope and change for the people of Blackpool South and that's why I am supporting his bid to be their next Member of Parliament.

Gordon Marsden Labour MP for Blackpool South 1997-2019

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