Absolutely delighted to be selected as Labour's Candidate

Chris Webb has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the Blackpool North and Cleveleys constituency to stand in the next General Election.

Chris was born in Blackpool and grew up in Layton. He’s worked right across the town starting out as a Gazette paper boy in Layton and Grange Park at 13 years old and then later for the DWP at Warbreck House. He now works as a civil servant. 


Chris was Labour’s candidate in the General election last year when he achieved a huge increase in the Labour vote and will build on that superb result in lead up to the next election, whenever it comes.


Speaking after the selection, Chris said:


“I am delighted and proud to have been selected to be Labour’s candidate for the next general election for my home town.”


“This Tory government has overseen the biggest cuts to our public services in a generation. The NHS and social care is in crisis, our schools are struggling under the weight of the budget cuts and cuts to police budgets are putting our safety at risk.


“People here in Blackpool and Thornton-Cleveleys need a local representative that will put them first. I will work tirelessly to let local people know that they have a choice between a Labour Party that will stand up for local people or a Conservative Party that only looks after the privileged few.”