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I'm Chris Webb and I'm standing to become Labour's first Blackpool born MP

I'm the son of a local postie and teaching assistant and live off Whitegate Drive in the constituency with my family. I'm a leading voice in Blackpool's charity sector, for which I was awarded a local community hero award for my charity work during the pandemic across the town.


I joined my first picket line at the age of 2 in Blackpool when my dad was out on strike, and I have been an active trade unionist fighting for our movement's values ever since. Joining my first trade union at 19 years old and I have been a constant Labour Party member for over 20 years.


When our Tory MP Scott Benton voted against Free School Meals, I stepped up and raised over £14,000 to ensure no child went hungry in Blackpool. When local mental health services went into crisis, the charity I lead filled the gap and now delivers over 10,000 counselling sessions per year, helping 180 residents a week.


When 800 local police officers were cut, as Deputy PCC, I launched new Police Task Forces to tackle local priorities, including drug dealing, anti-social behaviour, and burglary. And when the Tories woefully underfund domestic abuse services, as a trustee of children's charity, I stepped in and now support homeless families and young people in Blackpool to start a new life.


I am the only Blackpool-born candidate standing in this selection. After years of a parachuted Tory MP, I believe Blackpool South needs someone who truly understands local people and their priorities, not an outsider looking for a quick route to Parliament and who won't put Blackpool first.


After a lifetime of experience fighting for my hometown and being the only candidate with a track record of making real change in Blackpool, I can become Blackpool South's first locally-born Labour MP with your support.

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