March 09, 2018 · Chris Webb

No child should go hungry at school

Tory MP Paul Maynard urged by Labour to vote against his Government’s plans to leave Blackpool and Lancashire of 23,900...

 February 23, 2018 · Chris Webb

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Today is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day; poorly insulated, low quality and energy inefficient housing along with spiralling energy costs and...




"I’m Blackpool born and bred. I care passionately about my home town and it’s heart-breaking to see the damage the Tories have inflicted these last 7 years.
Will you stand with me, and join me in the fight for our community at this election?"






 February 06, 2018 · Chris Webb

My letter to Paul Maynard MP regarding Police Funding

Today I wrote to Paul Maynard MP asking him to finally take a stand and give our Police a fair settlement...

 February 03, 2018 · Chris Webb

Absolutely delighted to be selected as Labour's Candidate

Chris Webb has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the Blackpool North and Cleveleys constituency to stand in the next...